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Join us for a free, professional development series that explores ways to create robust lessons and activities using SMART tools in your classroom. Take away tips and tricks for creating interactive and engaging lessons.


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Listen to how real educators are transforming lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences to engage students on their devices - wherever they are.

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Fun. Wacky. Monthly.

Engage and inspire students with activities and special resources themed around funny and unique days of the year! Get ready-made resources for in-class and blended environments.

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Lumio Transform
Transform lesson content:
Easily import and combine different lesson file types, enhance them with interactivity, then deliver active learning experiences to students on their devices.
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Take your lessons, or get new lessons from our library, and enhance them with ready-made, customizable components, including games, collaborative workspaces and much more. The flexibility of Lumio gives you choice in how you customize lessons and components for what you and your students need. Quick and easy, Lumio lets you do all this in a browser, Google Drive or Microsoft Teams.

Lumio Ignite
Ignite engagement:
Add and customize interactive lesson components, like games and activities, to keep students focused, motivated, and learning actively through their devices.
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Toggle between teacher-guided and student-paced delivery to allow students to flexibly engage with scaffolded material. Students can learn, review and practice anytime, together or individually. You can also make any content into a free-form collaborative canvas for student-led ideation, co-creation and social-emotional learning. All this adds up to a connected experience that deepens student engagement and helps them take ownership of their learning.

Lumio Capture
Capture insight into learning:
Make learning visible for you and your students with ongoing feedback about their progress.
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Lumio’s dashboard lets you see in real time each student’s work and give them individual feedback as they progress. Students can also get immediate and automatic feedback through your customized activities and games. Use a variety of polling and brainstorming tools or add a collaborative canvas to your lesson to see each student’s contributions to group work. This flexible set of formative assessment tools ensures you always have a clear understanding of student progress.

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With interactive lessons, game-based activities, collaboration tools and formative assessments, Lumio is designed to engage students in class, at home or a blend of both.

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Combine your teaching resources, including PDF, Google™, and PowerPoint® files to create one engaging lesson. Add only the pages you want and make your lessons flow from start to finish.


Or choose from a variety of ready-made resources and full lessons to hit the ground running.


Liven up your lesson with an ad-free YouTube clip! Easily illustrate a concept without wasting any time switching to a different program or app. 


Transform lessons into team-based assessments, activities and games like Monster Quiz, making collaboration more fun and engaging.


Convert static content into collaborative workspaces where students can co-create together on a shared digital canvas from their own devices. 


Discover ready-made resources like graphic organizers and manipulatives. 


Live lessons Keep students glued to a lesson with seamless transitions between teacher- and student-paced delivery with individual handouts, interactive games and more.


Independent Learning Students can take ownership of their education on their own time with asynchronous learning. Lumio is accessible anywhere from any web-enabled device.


Keep a pulse on understanding Always know where students are at in their learning even when they aren’t in front of you with a variety of formative assessments, individual and group workspace dashboards.

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Here you'll find real #ConnectionsThatMatter from schools around the world, plus Lumio lessons and other resources you can use to create connections in your school.

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