Download the NEW IFP Buyer's Guide

Get the ultimate buyer's guide for Interactive Displays which includes;

  • Getting more from student devices.
  • What you need to ask about  Privacy and Security.
  • A detailed list of features and specifications that make a difference.

In essence, this guide provides you, the education buyer, with everything you need to make the right purchase for your organization. 

What you can expect to learn from the buyer's guide

Why Interactive Displays?

True collaboration

Raise participation to new heights - there's no limit to what you can contribute, mark up and share.


Home and away

Facilitate in-room presentations and collaboration or have team contribute remotely.


Universal Compatibility

Interact with any content on any device, from anywhere - mobile phones, tablets, computers and more.

How software makes a difference for IFPs

Finding the right interactive display is only half the battle. The display paired with the right software can enable rich, connected learning anywhere.


Spanning lesson creation and delivery, assessment, gamification and collaborative workspaces, learn which software best fits the needs of your classrooms.



What are the features that actually matter

Dive into the key features that actually impact student learning outcomes:
  • Touch and Writing
  • Embedded computing
  • Certifications and compliance
  • Screen size
  • Connectivity