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Curious about the research and pedagogy behind the practice? Explore the latest and greatest research in educational trends and practices in this practical webinar series led by SMART Strategists, Kris Astle & Katie Novak. 

Dive in to discover key findings translated into real-world classroom context including lesson examples. Sharpen your skills and come away with a deeper understanding of designing lessons from a student perspective.

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EdShift is a passion project for Kris and Katie, who both come from varied backgrounds including outdoor and museum education, and middle and high school teaching. Kris’ other passions include her wild horses and being an approachable wine connoisseur, and Katie loves getting great wine recommendations from Kris to pair with great food and any activity on the water. 

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EdShift Podcast Transcript: Dr Monica Burns Talks Active Learning

Welcome to season two of the EdShift Podcast!

Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google or wherever you get your podcasts, and get the transcript of Season 2 Episode 1 below. 

In today's episode, we are joined by...

3 min read

What to See and Do at ISTELive 2022

For decades, ISTE has been considered one of the most influential education conferences around, and it’s hard to believe the last time ISTE was in person was 2019 - wow! I am really looking forward to being at...

3 min read

Teachers Aren't Superheroes - They're Humans

The EdShift team is always thinking about and often talking about teachers. As teacher appreciation week approaches, we’ve been reflecting on a conversation we had with Sarah Cunane at LearnIt in March (check...



Research, strategies, and conversations for education. We‘re here to dive into educational trends and practices and to connect you with education leaders and innovators who are committed to shifting the fabric of education. Season 2 of the EdShift Podcast has begun! Listen here. 



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