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Get to know Lumio!

Teachers use Lumio to level-up any lesson with games, active learning, and collaboration. We want to make sure your teams have what they need to light up learning with Lumio without adding to your already overloaded plate.

Use the ready-made resources in our "Did You Know" bundles to help educators learn to use Lumio in small, bite-sized chunks, and make implementing Lumio easy!


What is in each bundle?

The bundles include everything you need to be a Lumio expert:

  • A printable poster to hang (light reading while you make copies anyone?)
  • An awareness resource for sharing the best of Lumio's features (Flex your influencer muscles and share on social or simply send by email.)
  • Two quick-and-easy tips for getting the most out of Lumio 
  • A monthly challenge, so educators can show off and apply their awesome new skills
  • A 5–10 min. mini professional development training resource to model with your staff (that's right, mini PD teachers can use now.)
  • Sample email and social media copy to make sharing resources really easy!

Get the Bundles

Click below for all the resources in each bundle, including print and digital materials, email copy, and suggested plans for distribution. Check back for new bundles!

Notebook & Lumio

Bundle 1

Bundle 2

Bundle 3

Bundle 4

Bundle 5

Bundle 6

Bundle 7

Bundle 8

Suggested uses

The Lumio team will release new bundles of resources regularly. We’ve designed these to be flexible. You can share the ones that best meet the needs of your staff, and the resources can be used at any time.

The Lumio team recommends a scaffolded approach to distributing each bundle. For example, you might consider sharing one item each week. We’ve provided a sample distribution schedule, and you can adjust it to meet your own requirements. 

Looking for something specific? 

Let us know what you'd like to see in future bundles, and feel free to share any insights or feedback.

Share ideas with us