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Ready-Made Lessons

Save time by exploring the Lumio library of resources that include activities and lessons to support essential test prep skills like mindfulness, focusing and social emotional learning:


Test with No Stress

Prepare your students for tests with some positive perspective and thoughtful planning. Individual and collaborative activities will provide the encouragement students need to do their best.


Growth Mindset Mantras

Help guide your students' frame of mind as they approach challenges such as tests. Review growth mindset and create positive mantras to help navigate through those "stuck" moments. 

Test Strategies

Test Taking Strategies

Use this positively charged activity to help build your students test taking confidence and preparedness.

Using the Bubble Test

Test Taking Strategies II

Learners will practice process of elimination, bubbling scantron sheets and learn about key reading and math strategies.


Test Prep Tips

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1. Review old lessons in new ways - Import your PDF, PowerPoint, Slides or Doc into Lumio and present it in a new way by adding interactive elements. 

2. Build confidence with interactive practice opportunities - Build confidence while also reinforcing learning concepts with Monster Quiz, a fun quiz that your students will love. 

3. Empower students (and teachers, too) with ready-made mindfulness tools - Explore our library of resources that include activities and lessons that help students get in the right mindset to do their best. 

The Quiz Game Students Love

Students can compete in a fun, engaging activity to activate prior knowledge or assess current content mastery.

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