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Join the SMART Summer Refresh  July 13-14, 2021

Inspiring keynotes, bite-sized professional development, and simplified sustainable approaches to entering the new school year – refreshed.

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Why attend?


Ok first up: we recognize the last thing you might want to do on your hard-earned summer vacay is sit at a computer.

That's why the Summer Refresh is built to be fun, uplifting, and truly a time to recharge and connect with a global PLN. It's also why it'll happen live and will also be available ever after on the SMART 360 events platform.

So simply registering - whether you end up feeling it on the day or not - gets you free, forever access to all the great content and recordings created for you.



​: give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate


What’s this Summer Refresh all about? We’re working hard on our end to ensure it’s not just another digital conference but the best experience for educators. 


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Professional Development Workshops


Surprise Party


Minutes of Uplifting Content

Big surprise aside, this will be an event to:
  • rack up some refreshing PD hours on topics like using games and digital manipulatives in your lessons, differentiating your instruction, and enabling student collaboration

  • have FUN and bond with other educators over brain breaks and other unique activities 

  • add your voice to unconference sessions covering topic areas like active learning, and bringing blended back to the classroom

  • get the inside scoop about exciting new learning software and features that allow you to create, deliver, assess, gamify, and more all on one place

  •  win sweet prizes 

The only thing on your to-do list for this right now is

register for free and save the date!
(Or catch the replay - it'll be there, ready when you are.)

Session Highlights

Embrace the Shake - Transforming Limitations into Opportunities

10:00-11:00 AM EDT

Success, especially in today’s fast-changing world, depends on our ability to make "creativity and innovation" a continuous process. The term “Embrace the Shake” is coined from Phil's personal story of transformation; after developing a career-ending tremor in his drawing hand, Phil embraced his “shake” both physically and metaphorically by redefining his limitation as an impetus for creativity. Phil’s powerful message of finding creativity within limitations will inspire you to look inside yourself for resources that can transform your challenges into opportunities for success. 

Phil Hansen - Grammy Award Multimedia Artist, Phil in the Circle


Write to Heal for Educators

12:45-1:45 PM EDT

Teachers are dealing with an incredible amount of stress and trauma, now more than ever before. Write to Heal for Educators is an interactive workshop that explores how creative writing can serve as a powerful and fun tool for healing stress, adversity, and trauma in an out of the classroom. This unique and engaging workshop will provide tools to reduce your stress, boost your mood, and help regulate your emotions - all while having fun! No writing experience necessary.

Ayesis Clay - Teaching Artist, Educational Consultant, Founder of Sculpted Clay Productions

Ayesis Clay_v1

The Thriving Teacher

10:00-11:00 AM EDT

Our education system is overburdened, and teachers like you are constantly adapting to changing policies, assessment and instructional models, and student success strategies while working through systemic constraints. Throw in a pandemic, and this profession is seriously challenging our mental health and well-being. Using evidence-based data, brain science, and tools that can easily be infused into your teaching practice, Charle presents a compelling argument to teachers through The Thriving Teacher program: You Matter Too!

Charle Peck - Speaker and Trainer, Charle Peck Consulting

Charle Peck_summer refresh

Unconference Sessions


You're in the driver's seat for daily unconference sessions. Select topic area options like active learning, bringing blended back into the classroom or innovating with edtech, then you and the other participants will guide the session from there. Supported by experienced facilitators, these sessions will unleash your own big ideas! 

Kris Astle & Kacie Germadnik

Kris & Kacie

Pedagogy First Professional Development


Our team of experienced educators and professional development specialists have put together an inspired lineup of PD sessions - no matter what tools you have access to today or your comfort with tech, there's something for you. Discover how SMART Learning Suite Online (soon to be Lumio!) can support you in your classroom with lesson creation and delivery, tools and resources like key content, digital manipulatives and more, assessment, game-based activities, and LOTS more. No SMART Board required! 

Lumio_summer refresh

Rack up PD hours

Bite sized professional development that feels too fun to be counted! (But it is.)


Untangle your tech

Simplify and unify your teaching tech for classroom serenity.


Fill up on inspo!

Hear from the experts, trailblazers and teachers with heart to fill up your (margarita) cup and keep on swimming.


Not really a SMART solutions school or user?

No problem! Sessions span everything from AVID to Microsoft® and Google for Education stuff so there's something for everyone.

Why else should you register for free and save the date? 

Umm... like any good event there will be PRIZES!!!


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