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Save. The. Date.

Join the SMART Summer Refresh - July 13-14


Inspiring keynotes, bite-sized professional development, and simplified sustainable approaches to entering the new school year – refreshed.

Ok first up, we know the last thing you want to do on your hard-earned summer vacay is sit at a computer.

That’s why the SMART Summer Refresh happens live and will also be available ever after on the SMART 360 events platform.

So simply by registering below, whether you end up feeling it on the day or not – gets you free, forever access to all the great educator content and recordings.

Drop your details and we'll make sure you're first in the (virtual!) door. 



✔️give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate.📗

What’s this Summer Refresh all about? We’re still working hard on our end ensuring it’s not just another digital conference but the best experience for educators.

This will be an event to:

  • earn some painless PD hours
  • tune in for inspiring keynotes
  • bond with other educators over fun brain breaks
  • be the first to know about exciting new learning software
  • and methods to simplify even the techiest of teaching

The only thing on your to-do list for this right now is to register for free and save the date!

(Or catch the replay – it’ll be there, ready when you are.)

Why else should you register for free and save the date? Umm… like any good event there will be PRIZES!!! Including big and small giveaways. So, see you there?