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We are excited to announce registration for SMART Communities Week is NOW OPEN!

This week is to celebrate and empower our SMART Exemplary Community members.  Providing opportunities to connect and collaborate, both regionally and globally, the week will be an exciting time for you, our community members, to learn from and share with one another. 

Take a moment to look over all the sessions that will be offered throughout the week.  There are three separate calendars offering sessions throughout the event. You may attend any of the sessions, but note that all Global sessions will be offered in English and regional sessions will be in Regional Languages. 

At the top of the this page you will find our calendar links along with a link to a  "Toolkit" for you.  This toolkit is designed to assist you with sharing the SMART solutions with your classroom, school, and wider community. 

Registration Tips:

  1. Locate session titles that interest you and click on the session.  Each session is set to a specific global time zone.
  2. Click on "Click here to Register" to specifically register for that session.  When the registration page opens you many change the time zone on the page by clicking on "show in my time zone" , pick your specific time zone to have the system to convert it for you.
  3. Feel free to share your sessions with other educators on your social media channels by clicking on the "share" button in the session description.  You decide which social media channels you would like to share your sessions on. If you share on your Twitter,  tag us at @SMART_Tech or #SMARTCW.





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