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The SMART Educator program is a global group of passionate, dedicated, and enthusiastic educators in over 45 countries who believe in inspiring greatness in students and colleagues.


The SMART Educator Program is broken down into two tiers, allowing you to access additional benefits the more you engage!

All applicants start as a SMART Educator, with the ability to move your way up to SMART Exemplary Educator once you complete the requirements. 


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What are the benefits of becoming a SMART Educator?

SMART Educator

Connect and collaborate with teachers from all over the world

  • Be inspired and motivated by other teachers
  • Participate in Global Collaborative Projects
  • Get connected using our private social media groups
  • Receive an invitation to our exclusive Gold Star Community where you can earn points and badges by completing challenges
  • Extend your PLN (Personal Learning Network)

SMART Exemplary Educator

You will receive all of the benefits above PLUS

  • Receive international recognition on your education excellence
  • SMART Exemplary Educator logo
  • SMART Exemplary Educator certificate 
  • Be in contact with our developers and provide feedback to improve our solutions
  • Have direct support in our private communities
  • Provide your feedback and ideas to create new solutions and tools
  • Opportunity to share your passion and knowledge on a global platform
  • Access to additional training
  • Exclusive webinars
  • Consideration for global events
  • And MORE!!

What are the expectations of a SMART Educator?

As a SMART Educator, you will be required to: 

  • Complete application
  • Setup your profile on our Community tool
  • Join SMART's social media channels (if you have an account)
  • Upload and share a lesson you created on the Community tool
  • Provide two Tech Tips on the Community tool

As a SMART Exemplary Educator, you will be required to: 

  • Contribute on Social Media channels (if you have an account)
  • Connect with other SEE's, both regionally and globally
  • Ongoing engagement on Community tool
  • Create content to share

Apply now to the SEE Program                                                                   SEE_Program

Good luck!!