How can we achieve better outcomes from    education technology? 


 The impact of EdTech is one of the most debated topics in education. At SMART, we're committed to helping you achieve the teaching and learning outcomes that are most important to you. 

Global research into EdTech best practices is one way that we do this. By sharing insights into what is working in classrooms around the world, we help you successfully implement technology in your own schools and districts to achieve your EdTech goals.

EdTech Capabilities and Learning Outcomes

   A synthesis of technology best practices published by leading industry and education organizations identified 22 EdTech Capabilities
that guide effective EdTech implementations to support better learning outcomes.


 Over 850 education leaders have participated in a global survey connecting the 22 EdTech Capabilities with improved learning outcomes. 


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Additional Research

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Teaching, Technology, and Learning 

According to this research, the highest success comes from great teaching practices, complemented by software and hardware –in that order.  

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The Hidden Costs of Ineffective Implementation

Implementing EdTech effectively not only helps to improve outcomes, this research shows that it reduces costs in other areas.

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Success Stories

Schools are using SMART solutions to improve student engagement, performance and learning experiences.

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