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Conduct lessons from anywhere in the classroom using your iPad. Experience the freedom of a free-form classroom.

The SMART Notebook Maestro add-on unleashes the power of mobility, letting you interact with content and conduct collaborative two-way SMART Notebook lessons from a single iPad anywhere in the classroom.  The interaction between devices is seamless. Write on the interactive display and the content appears on the iPad. Use an image from the iPad and it automatically appears on the display. Bridge your classroom technology together with SMART Notebook Maestro and never compromise mobility for interaction again. 

To use SMART Notebook Maestro you will need:

1) An Active SMART Notebook Advantage Subscription

SMART Notebook Maestro requires an active SMART Notebook Advantage subscription (check with your It department to confirm if you have one). A SMART Notebook Advantage license key may be purchased from your authorized reseller. To download SMART Notebook collaborative learning software click the link below.

Download SMART Notebook

2) SMART Notebook app for iPad Version 2.3 or Higher

SMART Notebook Maestro requires the use of the SMART Notebook app for iPad version 2.3. The SMART Notebook app for iPad allows you to create multimedia files, complete assignments and share work. To download the SMART Notebook app for iPad app visit the App Store and search the keywords SMART Notebook. Note: Volume Purchase Program available (must be an education customer and requires a minimum purchase of 20 to qualify).

Download SMART Notebook iPad App

 3) SMART Notebook Maestro add-on
Start the download process for the SMART Notebook Maestro add-on by by clicking the link below. Then just double click the add-on file to install Maestro in SMART Notebook.

Download SMART Notebook Maestro

Intuitive learning tools

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Instantly access SMART Exchange for 60,000+ high-quality lessons and additional content created by more than 3 million SMART Notebook users.

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