Meet the SMART Learning Suite Monsters

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SMART Learning Suite is software that supports skills development. It features interactive lessons, collaborative workspaces, dynamic formative assessment and game-based activities.

One of those game-based activities is Monster Quiz, a fun and cooperative way for students to learn on their devices. Monster Quiz features nine monsters, each with a unique 21st century skill. SMART Learning Suite helps students follow in the monsters’ footsteps by developing these skills in themselves.


Meet the Monsters



Cristal is clever and loves to climb trees and play with ice. She feels pride when she excels and owns up when she makes mistakes.

How does SMART Learning Suite hold students accountable?

In Monster Quiz, students are accountable to their team because success depends on everyone contributing. The attribution feature in Shout It Out holds each student accountable for their own ideas. 



Sverre is fair and generous. He is great at collaborating and working with others.

How does SMART Learning Suite help students collaborate?

Shared workspaces promote co-creation and develop students’ collaboration skills. Whether working together at a SMART Board or collaborating using their own devices, students learn to accept, support and build on one another’s ideas and strengths.  



Lavalad loves to play outside with friends. No matter the weather, the game, or the players, he is great at adapting and making fun.

How does SMART Learning Suite help students become Adaptable?

Game-based activities in SMART Learning Suite develop adaptability by testing students’ understanding in multiple formats including rank ordering, fill in the blanks and matching objects. 


Icebox is powerful and thoughtful. She is great at thinking critically. She sees the big picture and analyzes tricky questions based on facts.

How does SMART Learning Suite inspire critical thinking?

SMART Learning Suite develops critical thinking skills by using a concept mapping tool to build ideas, math tools to visualize abstract concepts, SMART Blocks to configure and reconfigure idea sequences, and 3D objects to assess a subject from all angles.  


Seesall loves to travel, explore, and make homemade snow cones. He shows great initiative by setting goals and working hard to accomplish them.

How does SMART Learning Suite prompt students to take initiative?

SLS’s project-based learning develops initiative, providing the tools students need to explore information from the web, incorporate it into their work, and inspire and motivate other students using group chat.  



Bolly is an intelligent and joyful monster. She loves to play and learn with friends, and she is great at communicating. 

How does SMART Learning Suite spark communication?

Tools like inking, text and screen capture help students communicate. Shout It Out helps students share ideas.



Everyone looks up to Hilfe because she is a great leader. She takes responsibility for her actions and thinks up bold new ideas.
How does SMART software inspire students to lead like Hilfe?

The game-based activities students build allow them to show leadership by presenting their work — highlighting and rationalizing their choices — and to test their classmates’ comprehension. 



Dimitri is bright and diligent. He is great at finding and making sense of new information, using it to better understand and explain the world.

How does SMART Learning Suite build digital literacy skills?

Students can safely explore online content with SMART’s navigation options, using the chat window to find and share fun content. 


LeeLo is generous and playful. She is great at using creativity to solve tough questions.

How does SMART Learning Suite encourage creativity?

Flexible workspaces develop creativity by giving students options to capture and express their ideas including an inspiring collection of tools, images, sounds, links and multimedia objects.    





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