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Here's the Deal:

Low-quality displays may cost more than you might think.

Bargain buys can result in hidden costs that are more than you bargained for. Make sure you know the true cost of a display before you purchase.

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cheaper option consequences




Choosing a cheaper option

for an interactive display might seem like a budget-friendly idea at first, but it can cost you more money, time, and resources down the road.



Don’t be fooled. What’s missing matters.

Make sure you’re aware of the hidden costs of purchasing
a lesser interactive display.




"When you look at the full life cost of having that in a classroom…how long does it last, how rugged is it, how much will it get used because it’s aligned instructionally, and how much support do we get from the vendor…all of those things are factored into the value overall."

Luke Smith
Teacher, New Jersey, US





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bring lifetime value to your classroom.  

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Know what you're buying.

Don't settle for a "bargain" display that leaves you with: 


NO ability to extend lifespan by updating features, security and functionality over the air.



user workflows. 



 NO onsite support for hardware installation or removal. 




Understand the

true cost of your purchase. 

We’ve done the math for you. Discover the time and money lesser brands can cost you over time.

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Download “Hidden Costs of Lower-Quality Interactive Displays” for a breakdown of how missing features can cost you time and money down the line.

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