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- WEEK 2: Jan 25-29 - 

Connect. Learn. Transform.


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What every leader in education can expect from this global virtual experience:


Daily connections to propel education forward in 2021

Connect with global change agents including Tony Wan from Edsurge, Mark Martin MBE,  Professor Stephen Heppell, the League of Innovative Schools, Joshua Freedman from Six Seconds, Alice Cornish from Better Purpose, and more.

Check out the epic keynote line up.

Daily workshops on active learning strategies for 2021

Designed to create unparalleled collaborative experiences, engage students by empowering teachers, and share blended learning approaches, social and emotional learning strategies, and remote learning practices that really work.

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EdTech Innovation Showcase: Connect in 2021

Explore showcases of the latest EdTech innovations and solutions engineered to help you connect with all learners in better ways. No matter what.

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Global Summit News:



Global keynote speakers

True innovators in education sharing ideas and inspiration daily.

More to be announced!


Tony Wan

Managing Editor at EdSurge | Forbes 30 under 30

"No matter what returning to school looks like, I think that, for everyone, for the education system, this whole experience has kind of forced them to better prepare for remote and virtual learning solutions.”


Alice Cornish

Director, Better Purpose

"At Better Purpose, we shape and accelerate the work of educational organizations that want to make a positive difference in learning outcomes."


Mark Martin MBE


"Give a child tech and they will use it for a day, show a child how to make tech and they will become our future."


Stephen Heppell

Professor @ and so much more

"This isn't the time to use technology to refine the model we had before, this is a time to harness technology to let children go as far and as fast as they want."


Joshua Freedman

CEO, Six Seconds

"What if a billion people were practicing emotional intelligence? My noble goal is to inspire compassionate wisdom."


Ginny Washburne

Educator and Founder of She Thrives, LLC

"Our inner wisdom is revealed in the questions we have the courage to ask. When we lean into our collective discomfort with curiosity, we inspire innovation."


Dewayne J. McClary

Director, League of Innovative Schools at Digital Promise

"I've learned that if you never try, the fear of failing will deprive you of learning something that could change your life."


Giancarlo Brotto

Founder, Global Education Catalyst

"It's not what you know that matters, it's using what you know to help others do greater things than you've ever done."

Christine Major CEO GLUU

Christine Major


“There’s so much great practice that’s happening in isolation – now more than ever we need to be sharing that practice and sharing the load.”

Sean Gardner Co Founder GLUU

Sean Gardner

Co-Founder, GLUU

“At GLUU, we create global collaborations between schools and industry to add capacity and resilience to the education system, and to close the attainment gap.”


Nicholas Svensson

CEO, SMART Technologies

"Despite the challenges, as we talk to educators across the world, we are inspired by the creativity and determination coming to light."

Laurie Forcier Learnit

Laurie Forcier

Global Content Officer, Learnit

"We believe that by uniting the global learning community, and leading an intellectually honest conversation about the current state and future of learning, we can revolutionize education, and ultimately change the world."

Professor Bill Lucas

Professor Bill Lucas

Centre for Real-World Learning | Author

“Harness the power of curiosity by using questions to drive learning habits."

Tom Murray - 2019 Social - RS

Tom Murray

Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools

"Our greatest hope has more power than our greatest fear.”


Daily keynote schedule

Designed to continue to propel education forward in 2021.

If you missed a session, no worries.
Sessions recordings will all be available to listen to whenever you'd like as of February 1, 2021.

Tuesday, January 19

10:00 AM ET | 3 PM GMT
Together We Thrive:
SEL for Educators
with Joshua Freedman, Six Seconds | Ginny Washburne, She Thrives | Giancarlo Brotto, Global Education Catalyst
The pandemic revealed how important SEL strategies are for cultivating safe learning environments for students. But how do we foster wellbeing for educators? Join Six Seconds, SheThrives, and Catalyst to discuss strategies and tools to strengthen the resilience of our educators in 2021.
12:00 PM ET | 5 PM GMT
Our Global Digital Promise for 2021
with Dewayne J. McClary, Digital Promise
Join us to discuss learning and leadership practices that will continue to improve student outcomes in 2021 - no matter what. Dewayne J. McClary will host this conversation with the most forward-thinking leaders from the League of Innovative Schools.

Dewayne will be joined by:
- Dr. Susan Enfield, Superintendent of Highline Public School - Burien, Washington,
- Dr. Baron Davis, Superintendent of Richland School District Two - Columbia, South Carolina
- Dr. Roberto Padilla, Superintendent of Newburgh Enlarged City School District - Newburgh, New York
Check out the details of our epic line up! >

Wednesday, January 20

12:00 PM ET | 5 PM GMT
Hang on, we knew this aleady!
with Stephen Heppell
Looking back from 2021 it's clear that all the pieces of the New Learning jigsaw were there already… Putting those pieces together to show what learning will look like next is the focus of this keynote. Learn more.
Check out the details of our epic line up! >

Thursday, January 21

12:00 PM ET | 5 PM GMT
Ready for 2021: Remote Teaching and Learning- Pandemic Reflections and Guidance from Global School Leaders
with Jeff Lowe, Louise Haines, and Global Education Leaders
In this session, practice meets theory for remote learning in 2021. School leaders from across the globe will discuss how they have tackled the challenges of leading teaching and learning in their schools during this time of a pandemic. Using research-based insights from OECD, CASTEL, and the SMART Technologies EdTech Assessment results, we’ll discuss how true experiences fair versus what the research tells us. Join in for this and insightful discussion and come away with the strategies and tools you need to be ready for anything in 2021.
1:00 PM ET | 6:00 PM GMT
Using what we know about the Science of Learning in all classrooms
with Alice Cornish, Better Purpose | Giancarlo Brotto, Global Education Catalyst
Join this Catalyst Session™ with the creators of The Science of Learning Report, Catalyst Ambassadors, and other leaders as you together begin to explore common misconceptions in teaching and learning how these misconceptions can be unpicked and prevented in school environments. Learn more.
Check out the details of our epic line up! >

Friday, January 22

12:00 PM ET | 5 PM GMT
EdSurge Interview: What needs to happen for the future of learning
with Tony Wan, Managing Editor of EdSurge | Mark Martin MBE, @urban_teacher | Nicholas Svensson, CEO of SMART Technologies | Sakon Kieh, District of Columbia Public Schools
In 2021, educators, school and district leaders, and technology providers grappling with the pandemic will continue to innovate and to accelerate changes in our classrooms. Join us for Global EDU’s plenary session, during which Tony Wan, co-founder and Managing Editor of EdSurge, will moderate a discussion between SMART CEO Nicholas Svensson, District of Columbia Public Schools Educational Technology Director Sakon Kieh, and computer science teacher and beloved speaker Mark Martin (a.k.a., @Urban_Teacher) on how the pandemic has accelerated the integration of technology into pedagogy, and on how learning will continue to be transformed in 2021 and beyond.
1:15 PM ET | 6:15 PM GMT
THE MAIN EVENT! The EdTech Innovation Showcase of the Year: The technology that will help you connect in better ways in 2021
with SMART Product Innovators
Technology has the power to connect us with students, inspire their learning, and illuminate their progress. Regardless of when, where and how we teach, with the right tools, we can create more active and connected learning experiences for all students. In this session, you’ll see SMART’s latest innovations in action and learn how they help leverage devices, content, and platforms to create active learning experiences everywhere learning happens. Experience firsthand the game-changing new features of SMART's web-based software and interactive displays through the lens of a student. In this session, we’ll pull you into lessons that show inspiring new ways to support pedagogy across all classroom environments, empower remote, synchronous, and asynchronous learning, bridge physical and digital learning, develop global competencies in students, and much more. This will be an epic showcase that you won’t want to miss!
Check out the details of our epic line up! >

Week two:

Monday, January 25

12:00 PM ET | 5 PM GMT
Hybrid Learning: What's working and what's next?
with Christine Major and Sean Gardner from GLUU
Join this open session focused on sharing practice and the emergence of potential pathways forward. This will be an honest discussion about the opportunities (and the challenges!) for remote and in-school teaching and learning. We’ll explore the evolving education landscape and what’s emerging as successful practice.

Tuesday, January 26

12:00 PM ET | 5 PM GMT
Empowering School Innovation and Student-Centered Learning
with Tom Murray
Join Future Ready Schools for a conversation on how we can all empower student innovation and student-centered learning during this global pandemic and into the future. 

More to be announced!

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Daily workshops designed to support active learning for all in 2021

Discover blended learning approaches that really work from classrooms around the world. Spanning lesson creation and delivery, assessment, gamification, and collaborative workspaces, discuss what really worked in 2020 and how we can make learning even more active in 2021.

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Global EDU Summit 360 2

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Join us to discuss ideas, learn from one another, and transform education in 2021, together.

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–Daily local workshops to discuss how to engage students by empowering teachers

–A truly immersive showcase of the latest edtech innovations and multi-media solutions to support learners - no matter where they are.

–and so much more...

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The best virtual conference I've attended!
This is a very impressive summit! GREAT JOB!
Can't leave! It is so interesting here :) Thank you so much!
This is the only virtual conference that I have been to that actually FEELS like a conference - Nice job nailing the vibe!