SMART Getting Started Guide

Use this page to guide the installation and setup of your SMART hardware and software.

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Installing SMART hardware

Learn about installing and configuring your SMART hardware

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Activating SMART software

Learn about activating your software and provisioning users

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Installing SMART Hardware 


A bit of preparation will help your deployment go more smoothly.

These instructions can help.

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Install your SMART products according to the SMART installation guidelines. Find detailed instructions on SMART product’s support site.

Not sure what kind of board you have? Use this wizard to find out. 


Network administrators can use the information here to configure the organization’s network for a SMART Board display with iQ.  

Network administrators with SMART Boards that don't have iQ can use this link to guide them through network configuration.

To configure Screen Share and SMART Mirror on your network, use the information here




Download and install SMART software to make sure devices connected to your SMART Board® interactive display work correctly.

Recommended: SMART Notebook® software is a powerful desktop lesson creation and delivery tool that offers a wealth of subject-specific interactive lesson content. Installing SMART Notebook also installs SMART Ink, configuration utilities, and the drivers for your SMART product. Download SMART Notebook software here.

Minimum: Even if you're not going to use SMART Notebook, you should still install SMART Product Drivers and SMART Ink. Download SMART Product Drivers and SMART Ink here



remote_managementSMART Board interactive displays with iQ, SMART Board GX series interactive displays, and SMART Board MX100 series interactive displays have a built-in feature that enables you to enroll the displays with your organization’s SMART Remote Management account. When you enroll a SMART Board interactive display, you can use SMART Remote Management to remotely monitor, manage, and control the display.

Interested in purchasing SMART Remote Management? Contact your SMART reseller today!

Activating SMART Software

Be sure to visit the SMART Admin Portal to claim your software subscriptions and provision users to access SMART software.

If you are new to SMART, the main method for activating your software is to use the unique URL provided in the Purchase Order Confirmation email. This email is sent to the person who made the initial purchase. If that wasn’t you, contact the person in your organization who submitted the order and ask them to forward the email. Read the full directions here.


Adding users to the SMART Admin Portal provides them access to Lumio & SMART Notebook Plus.
1. Go to the SMART Admin Portal
2. Create your administrator account by signing in and get started here
3. Claim your licenses
4. Add users under the manage users link


If you are unable to sign in to the SMART Admin Portal and the forgot your password link is not working, please contact support.

Note: For Google districts and schools: Once you have added your users in the SMART Admin Portal complete the domain install of the Lumio app

Would you like to learn more about the SMART Admin Portal?
This video shows you how to add your teachers, manage subscriptions, access software, and sync all your licensed SMART applications.



Your SMART Account gives you access to Lumio™ from all your devices. When you sign in to your SMART Account, the work you’ve uploaded and created in Lumio is available. To access Lumio from a web browser, sign in here. Google Users can also create, open, and organize Lumio files straight from your Google Drive.

NotebookAfter completing the previous steps, deploy SMART Notebook software to teachers' computers through this site. You may have already downloaded SMART Notebook as part of your SMART Board interactive display installation. To activate a SMART Notebook Plus license, users sign in with their provisioned email address, unlocking all features of SMART Notebook Plus. 

You can also use SMART Remote Management to make deployment even easier. If your purchase includes SMART Remote Management, click here for more information. Interested in learning more? Click here.


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Lumio is a digital learning tool that transforms lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences to engage students on their own devices.

Notebook plus


 Create interactive lessons and dynamically deliver them on an interactive display. Use Notebook's many features to create, edit, and deliver engaging lessons to your students.



SMART's interactive flat panels powered by iQ include built-in computing designed for education, with tons of easy, interactive teaching tools and wireless screen sharing.

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