Catalyst, powered by SMART Technologies, is proud to present: The impact of COVID-19 on blended and hybrid learning strategies in the Nordics

Blended and hybrid learning has fast become the new normal for schools and learners everywhere, but how well are we coping with this unexpected disruption? 

You’re invited to join Nordic school and education system leaders to share ideas and generate new responses to enduring challenges. This online Catalyst event, powered by SMART Technologies, is not a typical sit-and-listen event. Catalyst Sessions™ are hands-on, participatory, and always output oriented.

Session topics include: Strategies for coping with blended and hybrid learning, Assessment, School System EdTech Capabilities, Integration of Microsoft and Google platforms

  • Date: Thursday, 21 January 2021
  • Time: 11:30 – 14:00pm CET
  • Location: SMART virtual conference platform


These sessions are designed for primary and secondary school and education system leaders with titles that include Technology Director, Instructional Technology Director and School Principal.


These are not your typical sit-and-listen sessions. Catalyst Sessions™ are hands-on, participatory, and always output oriented. So, turn your microphones and cameras on and be prepared to roll up your sleeves and connect with other leaders like you. 


Welcome, Introductions and Opening Remarks: [40 minutes]
Session 1: [40 minutes]   Uncovering Challenges - Participants select one of four concurrent Catalyst Sessions™ topics
Break: [10 minutes]
Session 2: [40 minutes]  Creative Ideation - Participants select one of four concurrent Catalyst Sessions™ topics
Regroup: [10 minutes] Synthesis of all session topic outputs.
Closing comments: SMART Technologies [10 minutes]

Session Topics:

Blended and hybrid learning: How are we all coping with the rapid move to blended and hybrid learning? 

In two parts - first, work with your fellow participants to uncover the recurring challenges that you, your teams and your learners are facing as blended and hybrid learning becomes the norm. 

In the second half, work together to review your existing strategies and generate new approaches for dealing with the most frequently cited challenges. 

Assessment: What have we learned about Assessment in the era of COVID-19?

In two parts - first, work with your fellow participants to review the past few months and try to collectively articulate what you have learned about assessment during the COVID pandemic. 

In the second half, work together to suggest how assessment practices could and should evolve in the future. 

EdTech Capabilities: Defining success across 4 key areas. 

In the first half of this interactive session you will work with your fellow participants to identify challenges in the following key areas: strategic planning, integrating tech in teaching & learning, professional development, infrastructure & management

In the second half of the session, you will share ideas and start to generate new responses to the most frequently cited challenges. 

Microsoft Teams and Google Schools: Nuts and bolts of tech integration 

This interactive session will look to uncover the recurring challenges around integrating Microsoft and Google ecosystems. 

Identify challenges in part one and ideate some creative solutions in part two. 


Hosts at the Nordic Catalyst: Innovative Learning event:

LasseLasse Remmer
ICT Consultant CFU/UCC, University of Copenhagen

Lasse Remmer works with new methods of using technologies in teaching. He works at Future Classroom Lab as an impartial consultant for everyone, be it schools or foreign delegations, which want guidance on how to work with technology and the skills of the future in school. He also provides in-service teacher training through the teacher-training program, Future Classroom Teacher at Campus Carlsberg. Lasse is involved in MOE development of a new mandatory K9 subject and curriculum "Technology comprehension" in Denmark.

DewayneDewayne J. McClary
Director, League of Innovative Schools at Digital Promise Global

The League of Innovative Schools (League) is Digital Promise’s flagship initiative, and over the past eight years has grown into a robust and dynamic network of 114 public school districts, in 34 states, representing over 3.2 million students. League members are committed to working together to improve student outcomes and solve the challenges facing K-12 schools through innovative strategies, learning technology, and research. As the Director of the League of Innovative Schools, Dewayne leads a network of school district leaders in advancing its mission to design, validate, champion and scale effective innovative learning opportunities that advance equity and excellence.


GCGiancarlo Brotto
Executive Director and Cofounder, Catalyst

Giancarlo Brotto is a Global Education Catalyst. He engages with government officials, policy-influencing organizations, thought leaders, school system decision-makers and researchers to gain insights and influence trends in the education sector.  He has served on the informal advisory group for the Skills for Social Progress Project for OECD, sat on the board of directors for C21 Canada, Global Education Advisor for SMART Technologies, founding partner of GOLA! – a secure place for high-level education officials globally to collaborate and make genuine policy recommendations.


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