How effective is your EdTech? Evaluate today with the EdTech Assessment Tool. Get guidance on what's working and next steps for planning and implementation. 

Does your technology...

  • Support dynamic teaching approaches and diverse student needs? 

  • Keep students connected to learning no matter where they are?

  • Take stakeholders like parents and students into account? 

The EdTech Assessment Tool helps you to answer these vital questions. 

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Get actionable feedback with the EdTech Assessment Tool 

Find answers with a simple, research-based self-assessment that helps you ask the right questions for your education planning. Based on frameworks from global education leaders like OECD, CASEL, and ISTE, this assessment measures five crucial areas that impact education:

What's working in EdTech today? Global and local research shows what really delivers outcomes with technology - download a local or global report to see the evidence today. 


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Global & UK Insights

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Download the 2022 UK research on EdTech evidence. 

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Download the 2022 research on EU EdTech evidence. 


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Middle East Insights

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Download the 2022 Middle East research on EdTech evidence.


What can the EdTech Assessment Tool do for you?

Uncover where you're at today, and what activities and investment can have the most impact. Get stakeholder input for a collaborative understanding and approach. 

This free self-assessment takes just 5-10 minutes. After completing, you’ll receive a personalised report that shows where you are at today. 

Your comprehensive report will summarise insights on what to prioritise and includes actionable next steps so you can plan for and enable the best possible outcomes.  Easily share your report with colleagues and have them complete the self-assessment for a holistic understanding of capabilities across your school or organization. 

Take a few minutes today to assess and receive actionable insights to help take your next steps – confidently.  


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