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Thursday, 21st January 17:00 GMT

Be ready for anything: Practice meets theory for remote learning in 2021

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Ready for Anything: Remote Teaching and Learning for 2021

Thursday, 21st January @ 17:00

School leaders from across the globe discuss how they have tackled the challenge of leading teaching and learning in their schools during this time of a pandemic. Using research based on insights from education leaders such as OECD and CASTEL, we’ll take a look at how these true experiences fair versus what the research tells us.

In this session you will gain insight into the experiences and challenges faced, and be motivated and uplifted by the learnings and successes shared.

Is your EdTech leading the way? Hear the research and the experience, then access the research survey yourself at the end of this session to access your own assessment and roadmap for the future.

Hear from leaders around the world:

  • Craig Fraser | United Kingdom 

  • Ralf Kroefges | Germany 

  • Kathya Baumard | France 

  • Jacobo Olmedo | Spain

  • Latoya Dixon | United States


Your hosts: 

Jeff Lowe

Jeff Lowe, SMART Technologies





Craig Headshot-RS


Kathya Baumard-RS






Louise Haines, SMART Technologies











Ready for more? 

This session is part of the SMART Technologies Global EDU Summit.
Join in for more transformative sessions designed to continue to push education forward in 2021. 

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